Micropress Printers Ltd. Sustainable printing

"We will continue to enhance our green printing credentials, by reducing our energy usage produced from hydrocarbon sources."

Solar Panels

Micropress installed 980 solar panels on our 70,000sq ft factory in 2013, generating 245kW, almost 40% of our total power usage.

The solar panel array takes up almost all of the roof of our main factory and adds to our promise to become greener each year.

"We are always looking to enhance our green credentials, as well as reduce our reliance on imported energy."
Mike Cross, Director.

Biomass Pellet Boiler

To minimise our carbon footprint further, we’ve also invested in a biomass boiler to heat our 70,000 square foot factory. In addition to minimising our effects on the environment, it also minimises our costs, which we can then reflect in our exceptionally keen prices.

Micropress will continue to explore avenues to reduce our use of energy produced from hydrocarbon sources.