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Supplying a Print Ready PDF to Micropress

PDF’s are the standard file format for transmitting files for print but it is important to
prepare your PDF file in the correct way for us to process.

Creating a PDF in Adobe Indesign

Select File >Adobe Preset>Press Quality.
Single Pages (see image below)
Ensure PDF version is Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)
Click the Marks and Bleeds tab.
Select Crop Marks and add 3mm Bleed on all edges (see image below)


Creating a PDF in Acrobat Distiller

Ensure a 300dpi PDFx1a print or Press Ready PDF is output.
Please include 3mm bleed, crop marks and supply as single pages.
Choose high resolution.
Compression settings for colour and grey scale images should be down sampled to 300dpi with auto compression set to high.
Bitmap (monochrome: i.e. line art) images should be set at 600dpi.
Font embedding should be set to embed all fonts.

There are a multitude of programs that can provide a Print Ready PDF.
The main points to consider are that fonts are either outlined or embedded, there is 3mm Bleed on all edges and the file contains crop marks. Quality should be set at 300dpi for colour and grey scale images, 600dpi or above for bitmap images.

We prefer files supplied as one contiguous document as single pages with Page 1 being the front cover. Please try to avoid outputting PDF files as spreads. Our PDF rip has to split files supplied as spreads in half before processing, so as such can not really be considered as Print Ready files.

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