Time For Strong Businesses To Shine

Time For Strong Businesses To Shine

Our new investment of £1.4m has enabled us to expand into a new unit to create a 1,500sqm paper warehouse that can hold more than £1m-worth of stock, which has freed up additional production space at its 6,500sqm factory.

We’ve brought laminating and die-cutting in-house, which was previously done at our sister company Richardsons. They are now operating from our site.

The new paper warehouse is now operational and a new Sitma paper wrapping line is set to be fully operational next month.

We have also invested in a new high-speed Stahl TH82-P folder, to keep up with the additional output from the ‘push to stop’ Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 8-P it installed last summer.

Customer demand for paper wrapping has also increased, which is why we have also invested £500,000 in a Sitma W1005, which can paper-wrap or polywrap.

Our Director Rob Cross said:

“We are a strong, well-established business. It’s time for strong businesses to shine,” Cross stated.

“We have tried to focus on the positives as well as dealing with the negatives.”

“We’re very excited about the paper wrapping side. Customers don’t necessarily get excited when we buy a new folder or a new press, but this is a new product that people are asking for. Demand is already strong,” he said.